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The Circular Bitcoin House

The Original Bitcoin House/Villa (can be a Health Retreat or Medical Center Retreat)

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The Circular Bitcoin House – The Bitcoin House Series

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NextGen brings you our Flag Ship Bitcoin House! What is it? How does it work? This is what life should be for all home owners, it’s NOT a dream, it’s REAL, and you can have it.

This is the ONE! Our Bitcoin House is an income generating home that pays you to live there. No other home in the world does this!

The Bitcoin House is 26,192 Square Feet, or 2,433 Square Meters, comprising of a three-level spectacular circular architectural design, with three pool areas; a center pool surrounded by an all-glass interior wall for full protection from any wind elements, to enjoy year-round, a unique 360 degree jet stream pool on the second level, for drifting around the entire home, with entry points from 9 individual bedrooms, and on the main level a half moon pool with two jacuzzies at each end, for guests and one for children having their own jacuzzi.

The home can be configured with up to 17 bedrooms, and 20 bathrooms, plus two guest bathrooms and powder rooms that can accommodate 3-4 people at a time. There are four grand Master Bedrooms on the third level, nine guest master bedrooms on the second level, and up to 4 bedrooms on the 1st level for home staffing services.

The home comes with a twelve car underground garage all stalls equipped with electric charging stations, a 20-foot ceiling for the main living area and entertainment area with full bar seating for five and open-air living with dramatic panoramic views. The home comes with two kitchens: one professional on the main level and one for breakfasts and fast lunches on the second level. The two kitchens are connected from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor, with a smart butler elevator trolley, for fast food delivery to the main dining areas. The home offers both stairs and an elevator from the garage to the 3rd level top floor. For ultimate privacy the home is designed with state of the art glass ceiling-to-floor privacy smartglass windows that turn opaque using electro-chromatic technology to interchange between transparency and an opaque state by applying voltage.

Custom Italian marble is used throughout the home, and luxury fixtures are custom designed just for this project. Other options are a movie theater room, a wine cellar, a fitness studio, a spa and massage treatment room with a balcony treatment area. These options would replace some of the bedrooms on the first level and second level. The home can be configured to the owners dream floor plan. Finally, the home is 100% OFFGRID with a ½ Megawatt of power using solar hybrid electromagnetic generators for 100% Green Energy. The homeowner owns the power generators and any excess unused energy can be sold back to the grid daily as an additional income.

If you’re shopping for a New Mega Mansion, NextGen has just released the designs of ultra luxurious Bitcoin House. This is one of three Bitcoin Houses which is one of our Mega Mansion designs. Our ultra luxurious Bitcoin House has to be the most jaw dropping homes to own in the entire world and that’s no exaggeration.

You’ve seen the Mega Mansions from the New York City Penthouse, at $169 Million to a Colorado mansion at $280 Million, and in Monaco a Penthouse at $387 Million and to the Bell Air Home once listed at $500 Million and in bankruptcy auction as of early January 2022. Our flagship Bitcoin House is a first of its Kind home. No other Mega Mansion can boast that their Mansion is an Income Generating home that pays you to live there.

Let me say that again the home pays you to live there. All the Mega Mansions in the world are all Debt based assets where people are buying and selling based on emotions rather than looking at a home purchase based on real income vs relying on the real estate market to appreciate in value via a boom or bust.

When you rely on a boom you have no control over the market or the value of your home. It’s actually scary to be waiting, and asking when will my house appreciate in value so I can sell it. Watch out for all these so called real estate data experts, they are just looking for their sales commissions. Your home is actually a debt instrument which you don’t really own. So buyers beware!

Bitcoin is the Best performing Asset in Human History, and a debt mortgage only lowers your standard of living. When you remove this debt your standard of living is raised. The Bitcoin houses removes the biggest debt in our lives, your mortgage. NextGen will accept Bitcoin payments for the mortgage on these Bitcoin Houses.

NextGen will finance and accept Bitcoin payments for the mortgage on these Bitcoin Houses. These Bitcoin homes are life changing, and the flag ship Bitcoin House is just one of three different Bitcoin House designs, from NextGen Living Homes all designed by JP DZahr, an architectural blockchain futurist and mastermind.

He’s bringing the first income generating homes in the world with a Bitcoin mining datacenter at a secret location, that only the buyer will know, and it's completely driven by 100% OFFGRID Green Energy, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, another 1st of it’s kind.

The Bitcoin House is also 100% OFFGRID using electro magnetic generators that keep the home cool and never has an energy bill. The Bitcoin House is the 1st Income Generating Home in the World! The Bitcoin mining facility earnings are estimated at $20 Million per month when Bitcoin is valued at $50K per coin. YES, these earnings are monthly, the Mega Mansion has no debt, no mortgage, and with 50% down payment the mansion is paid off in just one year!

And if you haven’t done the math yet the annual income for this Bitcoin house is a staggering $240 Million per year income, when Bitcoin is valued at $50K, and the value of Bitcoin is flat all year, so if Bitcoin value is flat all year, we're saying it doesn't go up or down and stays at $50k all year, then this would be the earned Bitcoin mining for the year at $240 Million. There is also a 2nd income from government incentives and rebates just for using 100% OFFGRID Green Energy, that income brings additional funds to pay off the 30 year mortgage in just 1 year or less.

This Bitcoin House is the 1st of our series of 3 Mega Mansion Bitcoin house collections from NextGen. These homes have no competition in the real estate market, as they are the 1st income generating dream homes of the future, but available today. Imagine your home is paying you to live there every month, and you have no mortgage. These are the homes you’ll never sell and never need a second mortgage ever, why would you, when the home generates a cool $20 Million per month?

If you can’t grasp it yet, it’s because we’ve all been trapped all our lives in a ball-and-chain tied to our ankle, called a mortgage that never gets paid off. NextGen Living Homes is the company that brings you the Bitcoin Houses. We’ve taken 7 years of architectural design, for Bitcoin to catch up to our dream home mortgage financing using Bitcoin mining and blockchain technology to bring this to realization.

Just one year ago in July of 2020 Bitcoin reached a $9000 value per coin, and we managed to work out a 30 year mortgage, and make a payoff in as quick as 10 years using Bitcoin mining. Then in January of 2021 Bitcoin reached a high valuation of $29,000, and we said this is the ah ha moment, and now our 30 year mortgage can be paid off in just 1 year.

The Bitcoin Houses can be built anywhere in the world, land not included in the price. The home is completely independent of the Bitcoin mining operation. The Bitcoin mining operation is a complete turnkey operation that we manage and maintain for the homeowner. The home owner earns 100% of the income from a 15 MegaWatt mining operation. It’s the first of it’s kind that combines your home mortgage to Bitcoin mining and is self financed without any banking institution involved. Yes the mortgage is completely guaranteed by the Bitcoin mining operation.

We bring advanced Proptech technology, "contech" construction technology products, and "fintech" financial tech to the entire project. In fact during the construction phase of the home, the home owner, additionally earns a cool $100,000 per month, and by the time the home construction is completed, which is an estimated at one and a half years, the home is paid off, with no mortgage, and the full revenue kicks in to the home owner once the mortgage is paid off, a cool $20 Million per month when Bitcoin is valued at a $50,000 per coin. And if Bitcoin shoots the moon, then expect your income to shoot the moon with Bitcoin.

This is the Grand Slam of Mega Mansions to have no mortgage, no debt, and generating an income for living in these homes for life. We put a lot of thought and development in bringing crypto currency technology and wrapping it into a home mortgage.

Mr DZahr an early adopter of Bitcoin, says that there is a fast paced move toward robotics taking over jobs from people, and thought that these same robots need to be used to help people with their home mortgages that can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, to earn an income for a homeowner and payoff the 30 year mortgage at a super accelerated pace.

Mr DZahr realized, it’s just a matter of time when the valuation of Bitcoin will be high enough to earn in excess of the monthly mortgage, that we can accelerate those payments, to get rid of the mortgage in no time, in fact even in under 1 year. This takes the ball-and-chain of a 30 year mortgage, off our ankles and frees us to have a debt free home and without any payments. The best part of this process is that once the mortgage is fully paid off. The monthly earnings, now go to the homeowner, not the mortgage. And now you truly have an income generating home that pays you to live there.

These homes are only available from NextGen Living Homes. If you are a potential buyer and want to learn about the complete workings of these income generating homes, please click on the link below to signup for an exclusive insider presentation of all three Bitcoin House models.


Forward Looking Statements

Bitcoin is a volatile digital currency. Our forward looking statements reflect the current price of Bitcoin as of January 1, 2021 of 1 BTC = $29,459.70 US per Bitcoin valuation. Bitcoin can become higher or lower in value, so this income could vary based on the current price of Bitcoin. Renewable energy incentives and rebates will also vary from state to state in the USA or may not be available due to incentive limits. In other countries around the world such incentives need to be researched. The 100% OFF-Grid Technology offers the lowest price of electricity, at 1 cent per kWh for both the home and the Bitcoin mining operation.

Bitcoin House Aerial view – NextGen Unveils the 1st SELF-PAYING Home Mortgage to the World





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No More 30 Year Mortgage

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The Circular Bitcoin House – The Bitcoin House Series


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