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100% OffGrid Energy for International Airports

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First of its Kind – Future Technology Today!
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Advanced Proprietary ElectroMagnetic Energy Generator Technology

If you received an email INVITATION from us then you are on the short list of 1st movers to see this Technology. Don’t waste a moment and sign up for our ZOOM Demo presentation before your competition gets in first. NextGen is the Global Master Distributor of the Electro Magnetic high performance generators. This New Technology offers 100% off-grid solutions at a 1 cent per kWh cost. The EM generators are approved for U.S. government incentives and rebates. The EM generators have no emissions, no noise, and uses no gas or diesel fuels. The 100% off-Grid Green Energy Technology can be configured for large power stations anywhere in the World from 1 Megawatt to 1 Gigawatts of electricity for any commercial needs. AFTER Filling out our form below and submitting the form you will be presented with a download link to our NDA agreement via email and as well on the success Page. Please fill out the NDA and return it to us signed using Adobe Acrobat. Instructions will be provided on how to sign the NDA. Once we have received your signed NDA we can schedule an online demo at your earliest convenience. 

For group Zoom presentations within the same company only 1 NDA needs to be signed by a senior executive in a company. The executive can invite several people within the company, however each person needs to sign up here for the Demo Request. If you want to invite outside vendors or senior electrical engineers not within your company, please instruct them to submit their info here for a Demo Request and to sign an NDA for their own company that they represent.  Thank you.

After filling out this Demo Request please check your email for a downloadable NDA pdf doc from contact (at) nextgenlivinghomes.com, the email is automatically sent upon your submission, if you don’t see this email then check your spam folder and WHITE List the email address so we can send you the time schedules available for this online Demo via Zoom. Thank you.

INTRODUCING The 1 Cent Per kWh Solution from 1 Megawatts to 1000 Megawatts

  • If your inquiry is for a whole house generator TYPE: "HOME in the FIELD"
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    When flying to Los Angeles we have FREE Pickup services to and from the airport for same day travelers.
  • example: .1022 cents per kWh Phoenix or .186 cents in Los Angeles
  • example: .155 cents per kWh Phoenix or .255 cents in Los Angeles
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    If you have a facility which will need our Electric Generators please supply this info for comparison purposes
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
    If you have a facility which will need our Electric Generators please supply this info for comparison purposes
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
    Please supply this info for comparison purposes, we can offer a comprehensive spreadsheet side by side comparison offering at no charge to your company

PLEASE Note: If you are uploading any PDF docs that are 10 Megabytes or more STAY on the Page until the files have been uploaded after you click SUBMIT. Upload speed for these PDF docs will depend on your own Internet connection speed. Estimated uploads can be from 30 seconds to 2 minutes with any files attached. Thank you