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We are directly connected to the largest authorized Bitmain Dealer in North America with large supply capabilities for mining operations including the BIGGEST Discount Energy Solutions in the World, prices and availability often change so contact us here for a custom quote.

The 1-Megawatt pod/container is a 40 ft container, the measurements are 40’ X 8’ X 8’. The container is a self contained mini datacenter housing with a configuration of 280 Bitmain miners per Pod/Container. The containers estimated earnings per container when Bitcoin is at $50,000 value, and using 280 Bitmain S19 Pro miners will earn approximately $450,000 per week before electrical costs and overhead is calculated. Each 1-Megawatt pod/container is an excellent configuration for a turnkey container requiring minimal setup effort to allow for quick mining startup. We also have the electrical energy solution priced at 1 cent per kWh. To get more info submit a Demo Request here.

Bitcoin is a volatile digital currency. Our forward looking statements reflect the current price of Bitcoin as of February 25, 2021 of 1 BTC = $46,472.70 US per Bitcoin valuation. Bitcoin can become higher or lower in value, so this income could vary based on the current price of Bitcoin. Renewable energy incentives and rebates will also vary from state to state in the USA or may not be available due to incentive limits. In other countries around the world such incentives need to be researched. The 100% OFF-Grid Technology offers the lowest price of electricity, at 1 cent per kWh for Bitcoin mining operations.

Bitcoin Mining Pod Quote

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  • While Bitmains Web site may show SOLD OUT, some orders are not delivered due to customers not finalizing their payment. These orders are then available to us to liquidate immediately.
  • Each POD is a 1MW system, requires 1MW of electricity 24 hours per day. 1POD measures 40'X8'X8'
  • Tell us as an example: .15 cents per kWH
    Also available as a Backup Generator