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US Architect

JP DZahr

Founder & CEO

Australia Architect

Our Two International Architects have been hand picked because of their vast experience with complex and amazing Architectural Design vision and capabilities. They’ve worked in steel framing design and have finished projects that are completed around the world. Our two Architects currently have their own branding and feel they want to keep their companies separate from our brand, this way we can focus on our vision as Next Generation Living Homes.  However, we are more than happy to disclose their incredible backgrounds here.

“Our US based independent Architect has over 27 years multi-faceted design experience with many outstanding building design projects across the USA from New York to Seattle to Phoenix to Los Angeles. Since 2008 he has been providing Architectural Design and Concept Development for custom Architectural Design projects throughout the UAE in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and have commissioned designs in India, Africa, Pakistan, Indonesia, Oman, Kuwait, KSA, and in 2017 he has new Architectural projects in UAE, Majorca Spain, and Puerto Rico!”

Jean-Pierre (JP) DZahr Founder & CEO comes from a family line of renowned architects, namely his father who got him into architectural drafting before the age of computer-aided design. His father was appointed by President Richard Nixon in 1968 to 1970 to develop a mass transit monorail system in Seattle and to the Eastside Bellevue. The scope of the project was estimated at about $1 billion dollars, due to Washington States increased taxes for the project it was not completed.

Today, Mr. DZahr has come full circle as CEO and Founder of Next Gen Living Homes, as a visionary and futurist using modern day advanced architectural concept design & 3D rendering illustrations to launch his dream home series. As the CEO & Chief Project Manager for Next Generation Living Homes Mr. DZahr is the visionary and conceptual thought leader of all architectural projects designed here. Mr. DZahr, CEO of Next Generation Living Homes, states; “We are in an age of technology enlightenment. So far, we’ve been looking at home purchases from the bottom up, asking ourselves: Can I afford this home? Now, can we start looking from the top down, asking instead: What can I have, if I have a self-paying home?” What we have here is both Innovating and creating Real value! Seen here. Next Generation Living Homes is bringing this paradigm shift in home ownership by making the self-paying home available to everyone.

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Our Two International Architects have been hand picked because of their vast experience with complex and amazing Architectural Design vision and capabilities. They’ve worked in steel framing design and have finished projects that are completed around the world. Our two Architects currently have their own branding and feel they want to keep their companies separate from our brand, this way we can focus on our vision as Next Generation Living Homes.  However, we are more than happy to disclose their incredible backgrounds here.

“Our Australian independent Architect has over 25 years of experience. in steel frame design and runs a company that specializes in modular design.  He currently has design projects that go all around the world. He’s a visionary that brings a solid international background that complements our brand at Next Generation Living Homes. He’s worked with us for the past 3 years and is our go to Architect that we commissioned for all our first stage Architectural Designs and unique video level by level peel back presentations.”

Marjorie Arlene Young

Senior Project Manager in Jamaica

Agustin Prieto

Project Manager in Mexico

Lee Roden

Project Manager in London England

Marjorie Arlene Young is a Senior Project Manager in Jamaica and has over 20 years experience in the Procurement and Marketing sector. Her field of experience ranges from Hospitality, Industrial Safety, Energy and Transportation (Locomotive).

Marjorie’s latest portfolio is Executive Account Manager for the largest Remanufacturing Locomotive Company in the western hemisphere. She manages All accounts in Jamaica (Mining, Government and Private Sector).

Portfolio Composition: Develop and establish market presence in Jamaica, (Took it from 0% – 90%) Participate in negotiations of Locomotive sales/purchases, (from a single locomotive to a fleet). Manage all Locomotive needs from the purchase/sale of Locomotives, Engines, supply of all Major Spare parts and Maintenance spares. Coordinate and Manage all out of country and in country Locomotive Inspection. Organize training and Maintenance Inspections/servicing of Locomotives with the various Mining Companies.

Marjorie has served as Procurement Manager for formerly Super Clubs Hotels and Ciboney Hotel In Jamaica then, she went on to be Founder and CEO of her own Companies that supplied most of the islands hotels with their hospitality needs. She moved on in the Industrial sector of Mining and Energy where she supplied specialty equipment, industrial safety supplies and Major spare parts to the islands’ Energy companies before moving to her current portfolio – the Locomotive field where she works from 1997 to current.

Marjorie is also an Entrepreneur and active in Philanthropy. She gives back to her Country and Community plus international charities hence, she founded her Foundation recently to give back to the health and education sector. She believes in giving back and empowering others lives.

Agustin Prieto is our Senior Advisor and Project Manager in Mexico. He is an Engineer at VF Corporation (Imagewear), studied at Universidad Iberoamericana Campus Laguna and resides in Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico. Agustin Prieto is an enthusiast about different areas of life: engineering, health, economy and natural medicine. 17 years of experience in the textile industry. Cutting, Sewing, Laundry, Finishing. Have worked with Jeans, Casual pants and Dress Shirt Products. Actually working for Vf Company www.vfc.com a global company leader in clothing industry, brands like Nautica, The North Face, Lee, Wrangler, Jansport, Timberland, Horace Small, Red Kap, Bulwark, etc. Also has 15 years of experience in natural medicine, helping more than 500 people treating different diseases like cancer, diabetes, migraine, etc. Using medicinal plants and healthy habits. He has a radio program of 15 min each week and his webpage www.plantasdevida.com contains videos, articles and is a great source of information. Lately has gained experience in cryptocurrencies, gold and silver investments, he believes in free economy, and teaches people about being free of debt.

Lee Roden is our Project Manager in London, England. Lee graduated with a Diploma in BSc Hons Chemistry from University of Leeds. Taking his first commercial role thereafter as a Senior Buyer of FMCG for a small chain based in the UK.

From there he cut his teeth in Mainland Europe for two years in the sales and marketing of high end luxury goods and membership programmes to high end retail consumers.

Returning to the UK Lee started in Energy Sales, advancing to Business Development which culminated in taking a key role in the creation and development of an in-house Business Services Department for one of the big six energy companies in the UK; the department’s success was proved by winning back several campaigns from outsourced agents.

Building on this success, further advancement was achieved by contracting as Regional Sales Manager – UK & Europe, for several financial institutions. Working in between Spain and the UK Lee recruited, trained and developed sales teams for MBNA, Barclaycard, CitiBank and Sainsbury’s Bank respectively.

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Maximus Au-Yeung

Project Manager in Hong Kong

Maximus Au-Yeung is our Project Manager in Hong Kong, Max is an entrepreneur active in Asia region and based in Hong Kong. He runs a digital display solution firm to date and has three years of experience in the field. He also has experience in ECO-tech projects, landscape construction projects, and has connections in the Real Estate field and property development field in East Asia. He is an advisor and investor in assets like stocks, precious metals and crypto-currency. He has recently begun testing and operating small scale crypto mining solutions.

Christopher Hemenway

Project Manager in Boston, MA

Christopher Hemenway is our Project Manager in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a heart centered visionary who is dedicated to creating a positive change in this world. He’s the COO and chief construction supervisor at Hemenhalt Construction, a full service commercial general contracting and construction management firm in Boston, Massachusetts. With over 15 years of experience in the commercial construction, maintenance, and facilities management field, he has a vast knowledge base of commercial building systems. He currently holds an unrestricted construction supervisors license in the state of Massachusetts and Hemenhalt Construction is insured and bonded to perform high value construction management for a demanding client base. He has attended Northeastern University and Wentworth University for degree and continued education certifications in the industry.

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Joseph Langenbrunner

Project Manager in Washington DC

Joseph Langenbrunner is Project Manager in Washington DC and an avid supporter of blockchain technology and currently works as the National Sales & Marketing Director for a cryptocurrency ATM startup. Graduating from the University of Cincinnati in 2014, Joseph has over 5 years of sales and marketing experience. He is an active member of the Blockchain Committee for the USA Libertarian Party and the Ohio Representative for the Free Republic of Liberland. Joseph has a strong desire to help promote Blockchain technology and foster a self-sustaining society.

Mohammed AlRais

Project Manager in United Arab Emirates

Mohammed Siddiq AlRais is our Senior Advisor and Project Manager in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Mohammed has 24 years experience as a professional in port management, storage tank management and cargo documents preparation within the Oil and Gas industry. Mohammed also founded uaepartsportal.com a portal web site specialized in recycled parts for cars and motorcycles. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computing and Information Technology (2013). Mohammed who is Fluent in Arabic & English has always been interested in the green renewable energy and new technologies. He has recently involved himself in the study, research, and entered the crypto currency world in October 2018. Mohammed has also been involved in real estate brokerage between 2013 and 2016 and was in the banking industry from 1989-1992 giving him an excellent understanding of international trade, finance, and commerce.

Jerry Graves

Senior Advisor/Project Manager in Phoenix, AZ

Jerry Graves is our Senior Advisor/Project Manager in Phoenix, AZ

Mr. Graves earned his industrial engineering degree from the University of Oklahoma. Shortly after his graduation he enlisted in the U.S. Army and enrolled in officers candidate school. He graduated as a 2nd lieutenant and finished his tour as a 1st Lt.

Mr. Graves then became employed by Boeing Aero-Space Division in the Industrial Engineering Department. He was rapidly promoted to engineering manager because of his amenability and innovative ideas he could see the need to build the worlds larges oven to facilitate the rapid growth on the wing line. He was assigned this project as his personal assignment. Because of this advancement millions of Dollars were saved and the bottle neck was opened. This news spread thru all divisions of the Boeing industry and his story was published in the Boeing Corporate Magazine. Another one of his ingenious ideas was used and is still used on all Boeing Planes manufactured today.

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Marieta Darrah

Project Manager in Bulgaria and the West Coast U.S.A. Markets

Marieta Darrah is Project Manager in Bulgaria and the West Coast U.S.A. Markets

Ms. Darrah is an experienced business professional with 10 years of expertise from administrative support to upper management level, including VP of Administration.

Ms. Darrah began her professional managerial experience right after earning her Master’s degree from Cyril and Methodius University in Bulgaria, when she was hired to head the department of foreign delegates and contractors at the NPP Kozlodui, Bulgaria as a multilingual specialist, overseeing the strategic development and execution of the company’s corporate plan on an international level. Her direct participation into the day-to-day operations and ensuring the delivery of the company’s award-winning services have earned her a reputation for excellence as a leader and problem solver.


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Julian Boswell

PM, Senior Advisor & Graphics Director

Julian Boswell is our Senior Advisor and CG Artist in Las Vegas.

He received his Bachelor of Art from the Hawaii Manoa Campus with minor in East/West History studies of Art, Architecture, and World History, and a Masters of Architecture from Cal Poly University eventually becoming CG Director within several Architectural firms in Oregon, California, and Missouri.

Mr. Boswell continues to study CG and it’s development in Movies, Game Engines and Virtual reality. In his free time he pursues his passion of photography and music production.

Having moved from Canada when he was younger, Julian has lived in the US for many years and currently resides in St Louis with his wife Annette and their dog Batman.

Daniel Sobers

PM/Senior Advisor in Barbados

Daniel Sobers is our Senior Advisor in Barbados. Daniel is an experienced Chief Executive Officer, for Sobers Holdings Inc, based in Barbados. Starting his career in the Graphic Design field and remaining in Advertising and Marketing for two decades, he was soon recruited to move to the United States to market and manage a new restaurant in Las Vegas. After two years in Las Vegas, in 2014 Daniel returned to his role as CEO of Sobers Holdings Inc., and upon his return to the Caribbean, was introduced to Bitcoin and the blockchain. Immediately he saw the potential for this cutting-edge financial ecosystem and began to invest. As a Forex hobbyist trader for over a decade, Daniel was able to transition to the cryptocurrency space and manage his own portfolio with the advent of alternative coins via the introduction of the Ethereum Blockchain. He also assisted many others in establishing and managing their own cryptocurrency portfolios.

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Francesca John

Project Manager in Baltimore, MD & Grenada Islands

Francesca John is a Project Manager in Baltimore, Maryland and the Grenada Islands.

Francesca John got her start as a real estate sales consultant in Brooklyn, New York. There she began working for a better world Realty, later moving on to become a private marketing and sales consultant. That drive connected her to the real estate Arena entrepreneurial Spirit; which allowed her to establish Seraiah REI where she was the senior sales consultant, likewise the director of marketing. Francesca is also an award-winning children’s author of Delia’s Three Wishes; a work which depicts struggle in a child’s life intertwined with wonder, as well as a little bit of magic. It shows perseverance and the unabating refusal to remain stagnant. It is a lesson to many that you should never allow your trauma to consume you, and to have faith in knowing that there is always a way to make room for a prosperous life. The theme of the publication stems from Francesca’s belief that one should never remain content in a detrimental state. A change can never be made without the acceptance of your circumstance, having the desire to want more for yourself, and the will to actually see it through; the tools that are most vital to one’s career. Francesca sparked an interest in Bitcoin, mining, blockchain, clean energy, and technology. She began educating herself in these areas, and her interest grew stronger with the more knowledge she harnessed. Francesca then stumbled upon NextGen living homes, which is the perfect embodiment of everything she’s been educating herself in. As it stands, she is the NextGen project manager for Baltimore, Maryland and the Grenada islands.


Vince Carter

Senior Advisor in Houston, Tx

Vince Carter is a successful businessman with a background as a Former Executive Director, Operational Management, was Regional Director of Flight Operation for Continental Express. He’s a Certified Industrial Technology Teacher in “Principal of Manufacturing” and is a member of the Association of Texas Professional Educators Member (APTE). Mr. Carter has been involved in the real estate industry from 2003-2005 where he was a consultant in sales and marketing for Super Bowl Accommodations in Houston, Texas and ran Guest House Accommodations. Mr. Carter also coaches football at Cypress independent school.

Robert Collazo Jr.


Robert Collazo Jr. is FOUNDER | CEO at BitFive LLC

Robert Collazo Jr. began his career in the entertainment industry where he worked in the capacity of manager, owner, and operator for various Miami institutions. He later moved on to the real estate industry, where he spearheaded Koala Realty, Koala Mortgage, and Milazo Group Developments, which specialized in large scale land acquisitions and home construction. In 2013, he began learning about crypto currency. What started as a hobby has now evolved into a full-scale, global business. Bit5ive focuses on large, institutional clients and private investors that wish to enter into the cryptocurrency mining space. The company’s success lies in their turn-key approach to an industry otherwise riddled with unnecessary intrigue. Robert started his first mining farm in Doral, Florida which expended to larger projects in Washington State, with other American based facilities along the Northwestern Coast in development. Globally, the company has launched operations in Sweden, with further expansion throughout Scandinavian countries. Bit5ive is soon to be the largest American based company in the mining industry.

Fooad Nejad

VP at Kelvin Emtech

Fooad Nejad is Vice President Of Business Development at Kelvin Emtech and KE Technologies based in Montreal, Canada and has 10 years of experience in the manufacturing of air handling equipment. His company specializes in Designing Data Centers as well as buildings with very critical ventilation needs. His company (KE TECHNOLOGIES) put in place a very innovating solution for the hosting of the equipment for the blockchain and crypto currency industry. The solution is ideal for doing energy recovery and integrating data centers with luxury homes. Clients include Telus Mobility and Vidéotron.