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All information provided here is 100% CONFIDENTIAL and will only be shared with our UK Finance Group and our Buyer(s) interested in your services.
Please submit all the information possible so we may work with you for a successful and long term business relationship. Thank you

Oil & Gas Sellers Form

Oil & Gas Sellers Form

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Info on Company Selling Oil & Gas products

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The process as set forth below are questions we would normally ask Sellers or Suppliers of commodity products which helps the UK Group avoid mistakes and delays, it also helps us in managing and improving cost-effectiveness, productivity, supplier and stakeholder relationships, and overall client satisfaction. The Buyer would like the Seller to provide the following information which will determine whether the Buyer wishes to procure from the particular Seller:

Products available for Sale(Required)
Confirmation of delivery procedures (CIF, FOB, Other) / TTO procedures used only in sanctioned countries.(Required)
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SCO and FCO stand for Soft Corporate Offer and Full Corporate Offer respectively. These are offers from a seller expressing product specifications as well as the terms and conditions of the transaction. It is usually issued on the company's letterhead. Upload your letter here as a PDF doc
Track record for executing similar deals(Required)
Will the supplier also be willing to demonstrate that they have a track record for executing similar deals and can provide relevant paperwork from previously completed cargoes ?
Max. file size: 128 MB.
The prices will determine whether my clients wish to move forward or not with the transaction - and so if you can send through the requested information at your earliest convenience, that will be very helpful.
YOU CAN USE THE ABOVE FIELD to write any other info you want us to know about here
PLEASE show in percentage what the split will be for the buyer and the seller
Will the seller be the paymaster for the commission payouts?

I signed below hereby swear under penalty of perjury, that the information provided herein is accurate and true as of this date. For and on behalf of my client listed here that I am the Authorised representative of Shareholders

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