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Real Estate Developers 24hr Energy Package for Residential Homes

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Advanced Proprietary ElectroMagnetic Energy Generator Technology

If you received an INVITATION from us then you are on the short list of 1st movers to see this Technology. NextGen is the Global Master Distributor of the Electro Magnetic high performance generators. This New Technology offers 100% OFF-GRID solution at major discounts from the Grid cost per kWh and since you own the modular power plant your price of Electricity never goes up. The EM generators are approved for U.S. government incentives and rebates. The EM generators have no emissions and uses no gas or diesel fuels. The 100% OFF-GRID Green Energy Technology can be configured for Large Residential communities anywhere in the World from 2 Megawatts to 1,000 Megawatts of electricity for any developers needs. The power plants can be built inside of high rise condos or apartment buildings, hotels, commercial buildings and large residential developments. Submit your project info here so we can discuss this 24 hour energy solution that is less expensive than Solar panels which only provides a 6 hour a day solution.

Real Estate Developers 24hr Energy Package

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