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Do you have the experience, and most of all, are you connected to top executives around the world?

Project Managers support the introduction of the Bitcoin House concept of the First Income Generating Home in the world that includes a Bitcoin mining operation that pays the mortgage of these homes. Read the Top 10 Questions Answered here. NextGen is also the Global Master Distributor of the Elector Magnetic high performance generators which are used to power the Bitcoin house and the Bitcoin mining operation. This New Proprietary Technology offers 100% off-grid solutions at a 1 cent per kWh cost. The EM generators are approved for U.S. government incentives and rebates. The EM generators have no emissions, no noise, and uses no gas or diesel fuels. The 100% off-Grid Green Energy Technology can be configured for large power stations anywhere in the World from 1 Megawatt to 1 Gigawatts of electricity for any commercial needs. Let us know which industries you have direct connections with and are capable of making a direct call for an introduction and a presentation of this New Proprietary Technology. If you are selected we will invite you to a Zoom meeting for an interview and briefing. Please do not use a Hotmail or any MSN related email account on this form.

Apply to be an International Project Manager

    Do not check any items that you are not directly connected to. In other words you know the top executives within these target markets.
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