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Mediterranean Dream Homes Crypto Internationalization & Investment Project



Next Generation Living Homes is excited that we are expanding in Europe. We are currently accepting and reviewing investment opportunities for land purchases in the Mediterranean regions of Spain, Monaco, and Italy. This summer we will be viewing coastal locations, water front properties and Mediterranean Sea views for the development of several luxury homes built using our unique architectural designs and steel frame technology for fast development. These Luxury homes range $5M-$235M. We invite you to SIGN UP below to our Investor Newsletter to review our latest investment opportunities, which will also include Crypto investments in conjunction with Salt Lending so you can keep your Crypto Assets through the loan process, and of course we will also accept Crypto Sales. You can receive our project updates as they become available to Private JV Real Estate Investors. Please use the SIGN UP form below to submit your information.  

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Investors Newsletter

Investors Newsletter
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