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Why Support Us? Due to Covid-19 since early March 2020 all our clients became locked down and have cancelled or postponed their projects with us. Any donations we get from our visionary followers will help us stay the true course of our goals with the incredible Bitcoin Houses we want to bring to market. Our vision is to bring our solutions of Bitcoin accelerated mortgage payments from 30 years to a 1-5 year period. You can help make this happen by supporting us.

Design Projects in the pipeline waiting for Funding
• High-End Multi-Family Residential Condos 4 building 300 units in Marbella, Spain
• High-End 25 story water front Timeshare with all 200 units having an Ocean view
• Series of 5 designs of 1 level Luxury homes for High-End gated living
• Large scale 200-300 Home development with 100% OFF-GRID Energy, power generators included in each home

We are a advocate of Green Renewable Energy 100% OFF-GRID electricity for Bitcoin mining operations for more info download our presentation here.

NextGen brings the Blockchain and crypto currency to the Bitcoin House. This is a paradigm shift in home ownership, which allows robotics and computers to work for us and generate an income that helps with our mortgages. This is our vision and our future.

Your support for NextGen will help us develop and design New Architectural Concepts for all home sizes from small to large for home owners around the world. Become a part of our vision and join the unfolding of the first of its kind home ownership.


Thank you for your support.