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  January 11, 2021 Phoenix, AZ How Bitcoin is Revolutionizing the Mortgage payoff system   Next Generation Living Homes (NextGen) has been designing high end luxury houses for the last six years with emphasis on creating income generating homes with accelerated mortgage payoffs. The last 3 years we’ve developed advanced business models that take a 30 year mortgage and reducing the time frame from 30 years to a 5-year period. Now, with the surge in Bitcoin adoption and pricing of over $29,459.70 US per Bitcoin as of January 1, 2021, we can make the 30-year mortgage payments within 1 year with full ownership of these Flagship Luxury homes from NextGen. To see all 3 Bitcoin House models, download our 31-page PDF brochure here. #1 Model--The Circular Bitcoin House with a 360 degree jet stream pool at 26,200 sq. ft . (Gallery & Video)   #2 Model--The Cantilever Home with two floating pools with waterfalls at 18,871 sq.

Mortgage Foreclosures and the 30-40 year Mortgages Prompts Architectural Design Firm to Rethink the Future of Homes As homeowners, we all have had felt the devastating effects of the real estate boom and bust or the economic collapse which has the most negative effect on our home mortgage and our income. That said, when there is a real estate Boom BUST or an economic collapse, which historically in the USA has happened every 7-10 years for the last 100 years, then one really needs to consider what a conventional banking mortgage really is. Well, the first 10 years of a mortgage is an interest only payment. What that means is that during the real estate BUST everyone always falls into that 10 year interest only mortgage and the principal is still 100% unpaid. This means you have 1, 2, or 3 choices.   1) The bank may ask you to pay the upside