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Pre-Architectural Design Intake Form

Client Pre-Architectural Design Intake Form used for Architectural Design Estimate

  • Please Use your Business Email Address: Sorry We will not respond to public email accounts as they are filtered by a 3rd party: No Hotmail.com, Live.com, outlook.com, aol.com, prodigy.net att.net or msn.com email accounts Please use your company email or gmail.com or protonmail.com
  • My Home will be Built here

  • Example: Latitude 29°31'28.66"N Latitude 98°19'17.95"W or PROVIDE a LINK to your property listing online
  • Example: 300 ft X 1000 ft. Below Add any PDF or jpeg docs of land showing boundary lines
  • This is Where you are allowed to build.
    Please check off all that apply
  • In order words Length by width in feet.
  • Please do not include your land cost. This by no means locks you into any pricing it's just for our consideration when designing your Architectural floor plans.
  • put a number like 1500, 2000, 2500 etc.
  • If you are NOT SURE we can calculate it during the design stage
  • Examples 3 degrees north down to south, 5 degrees east down to west
  • Describe where the views are and of what....city view, ocean view, mountain view etc
  • describe on your property where the main road is and how it's connected to your driveway
  • describe where north is on your property
  • When uploading PDF, Images please allow for the form to process all your attachments when you CLICK SUBMIT. This could take 1-2 minutes depending on your Internet connection. Don't close this page until the page changes to say THANK YOU.
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.