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Zoltan Vass is a Project Manager in Vancouver, BC Canada

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Zoltan Vass is a Project Manager in Vancouver, BC Canada. He graduated from the Moscow Institute of International Relationship – faculty of diplomacy.

As a Hungarian press attaché, Zoltan was posted in India for five years, participated in high level political, business talks, represented Hungary in various international meetings, forums.

After immigrating to Canada in 1996, he served as an honorary consul of Hungary in British Columbia, Canada. As a former diplomat, Zoltan has great negotiating skills, speaks English, Russian, Hindi and Hungarian.

While in Canada, Zoltan has owned various businesses, taught thousands of people to trade the forex and later the crypto currency market.

Since 2016, Zoltan has been investing in various blockchain assets, bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Participating in different digital trading and educational online forums, member of numerous blockchain groups. In 2019, Zoltan contributed to Nextgenlivinghomes’s marketing efforts and penned a Bitcoin study with regards to the Bitcoin House project. Furthermore, he participated in business presentations, prepared correspondences at very high level for Nextgen’s international expansion efforts.

Zoltan used to work as a mortgage broker, he has been currently acting as a broker in the alternative funding field, providing options and solutions to private businesses.

Zoltan successful business acumen and vast forex trading experience have provided a solid basis for the new crypto currency trading challenges which may well serve Nextgen’s future success.

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