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  January 11, 2021 Phoenix, AZ How Bitcoin is Revolutionizing the Mortgage payoff system   Next Generation Living Homes (NextGen) has been designing high end luxury houses for the last six years with emphasis on creating income generating homes with accelerated mortgage payoffs. The last 3 years we’ve developed advanced business models that take a 30 year mortgage and reducing the time frame from 30 years to a 5-year period. Now, with the surge in Bitcoin adoption and pricing of over $29,459.70 US per Bitcoin as of January 1, 2021, we can make the 30-year mortgage payments within 1 year with full ownership of these Flagship Luxury homes from NextGen. To see all 3 Bitcoin House models, download our 31-page PDF brochure here. #1 Model--The Circular Bitcoin House with a 360 degree jet stream pool at 26,200 sq. ft . (Gallery & Video)   #2 Model--The Cantilever Home with two floating pools with waterfalls at 18,871 sq.

  Updated as of June 24, 2019 PHOENIX, Arizona, July 5, 2018 (Nextgenlivinghomes.com) - The days of paying a mortgage from making a living as in having a job, a credit score, credit history and a banking approval is going away. Next Generation Living Homes is bringing this paradigm shift in home ownership by making the self-paying home available to everyone. What if you can pay off your home mortgage in just 10 years and have complete ownership? What if you can have the freedom to do anything you want in life as a career or just be a home owner? What if your home can pay you a salary to live there for the rest of your life? What if you could build your life around your home and live anywhere in the world you want. Let's apply this technology advancement for the freedom we are all seeking. Mr. DZahr, CEO of