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Daniel Sobers is our Senior Advisor in Barbados

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Daniel Sobers is our Senior Advisor in Barbados. Daniel is an experienced Chief Executive Officer, for Sobers Holdings Inc, based in Barbados. Starting his career in the Graphic Design field and remaining in Advertising and Marketing for two decades, he was soon recruited to move to the United States to market and manage a new restaurant in Las Vegas. After two years in Las Vegas, in 2014 Daniel returned to his role as CEO of Sobers Holdings Inc., and upon his return to the Caribbean, was introduced to Bitcoin and the blockchain. Immediately he saw the potential for this cutting-edge financial ecosystem and began to invest. As a Forex hobbyist trader for over a decade, Daniel was able to transition to the cryptocurrency space and manage his own portfolio with the advent of alternative coins via the introduction of the Ethereum Blockchain. He also assisted many others in establishing and managing their own cryptocurrency portfolios.

As a cryptocurrency enthusiast and Fintech investor, it wasn’t long before he found a way to contribute in a meaningful way to the ecosystem. Working since mid 2017, with longtime friends and collogues from Australia, he is helping to develop a cryptocurrency designed to liberalize the energy markets; by building a peer-to-peer energy exchange for renewable energy facilities and corporate and residential rooftop owners. Lotus Energy was founded in August of 2017, is currently in development and set to launch in April of 2019. Of course, he is also a new addition to Next Gen Living Homes and is very excited about introducing the world to the Bitcoin House and new energy generating tech associated with the project. Daniel is ready to represent Next Gen Living Homes as a Senior Advisor as he continues to grow the blockchain ecosystem for the betterment of all.