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Andy Maroglio Director Strategy and Development International Sales LATAM & Mediterranean Europe Senior Advisor – Project Manager

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Andy Maroglio, Managing Director, MDM Group Cross-Cultural Entrepreneur (America – Europe – Asia) – Global Management Executive – Investor – Developer

Director Strategy & Development, International Sales LATAM & Mediterranean Europe Senior Advisor – Project Manager

As the head of business development and international sales for LATAM and Mediterranean Europe, and as part of MDM and NextGen combined efforts, Andy leads business planning strategies to efficiently identify and embrace market, industry and economic opportunities, while continuously improving processes, increasing customer satisfaction and retention, and designing business models delivering the highest possible ROI to our partners and customers.

Andy knows in today’s world progress can only be achieved through ventures that set ambitious targets and drive them through to change the market and political systems which they operate. Therefore, he works proactively to help awake zombie leadership – leadership that is cynical about real progress- who have given up in a very practical sense, leading zombie businesses, both in private and public sectors, propped up by government loans and spending all their cash in servicing debt, rather than investing in growth. Thus, among Andy’s top priorities is educating potential partners and customers in both private and public sectors to help them realize the game changing technologies and services NextGen solutions can offer to their businesses and local economies respectively, and how much they can afford to do and save with little extra effort when done efficiently.

A seasoned proactive take-charge change leader with over two decades of international business success propelling entrepreneurial startups and growing small and mid-size companies through both organic growth and the negotiation of strategic alliances, joint ventures and acquisitions with industry leaders in 4 continents. Directly managed global teams, coordinating efforts of up to 320 employees located in US, LATAM and Europe, with operating budgets up to 250 million.

A serial entrepreneur with a passion for leading corporate growth, under his management, MDM – Maroglio Development & Management, developed and managed successfully projects in Real Estate, New Technologies industries, Hospitality and Food & Beverage, Marketing & Advertising, Arts & Entertainment, Cultural Affairs, Publishing, and Tourism, in United States, Latin America, EU and Asia. Developing projects with the key management, financial, logistics, marketing, branding, and business development solutions.

Innovative multicultural marketer, senior business developer and management executive, Andy held senior positions with industry leaders in a variety of sectors, such as Restaurant Group USA, Subway, KW, R&R Partners, CRT Tanaka, EAT, to name a few, and was directly responsible for delivering successful sales strategies, integrated and multicultural marketing and branding solutions for many international brands, such as McDonald’s, McCafé, Sony, Playboy LATAM, ESPN, Government of Baja California, among many others, that effectively targeted very different customers (Hispanics, Americans, Europeans and Asians) in US and around the globe. He has managed and produced shows and concerts with some of the most famous American, Spanish and Latin American artists, including Liza Minelli, Bruce Springsteen, Joaquin Sabina, to name very different stars, major Broadway shows and sports mega events for international brands such as Musclemania/ESPN, FIAT, Boca Juniors, Galaxy, among several others, and festivals and cultural events for the national and city governments of Argentina, USA, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Buenos Aires, Madrid and Rome, among many more.

Andy is fluent in Spanish, German, English and Italian. A New York University Management and Marketing postgraduate, and University of Buenos Aires Licentiate in Business Administration.

An avid Real Estate investor and developer, Andy is a commercial real estate licensed professional, ASREB graduate, and member of the National Association of Realtors in the US.

He is a minority partner in the successful Fundrise.com Investment Platform and an active shareholder in many of its EREIT portfolios.

An early adopter and strong advocate of blockchain technology, he took part in several Initial coin Offerings with diverse outcomes. He is still invested in Crytperium and Parkgene. His technology focused investments also include long-term positions in Netflix, Google and Amazon shares.

His entrepreneurial vision, global achievement and cultural influence and contribution, were recognized with the Latin American Quality Institute Businessman of the Year Award in 2011.

Andy’s work and commitment since early in his life with sustainable economic, social, cultural, and environmental development – including sustainable energy production and consumption -, in the world, got him appointed by The White House and the Uruguayan government to debate with President Clinton on USA-Latin American relations in 1997, as a young world leader.